Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wasn't Christmas break a few weeks ago?

or....the case of the missing calendar...

It seems I don't know how to keep track of time anymore. We've taken too many days off once again. I don't really regret it. The kids have had so much fun. As soon as we moved back into the RV they were off on the bikes checking in with their friends and meeting new ones.

So the days have slipped away from me as I've watched them settle on the "lawn" and put together robots and challenge each other to build the best egg protector, then dropping their egg contraptions from the tip-top of the ladder. I've lost track of time while watching them zoom down the street on their bikes, racing their friends to see who can get back to the park first. And I've emptied the cupboards more than once feeding hungry boys and girls just back from a friendly game of backyard football, or a rousing round of basketball.

But even the balmiest of days must draw to a close. The next few days we will begin the process of organized learning once again.