Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Getting there...

Yesterday I managed to get most of Science completed. I have lots of links to go through and make a list of which ones will work with which lessons. I was going to start with Life Sciences and then move to Earth and lastly, Physical. But then I realized that could potentially get boring. So I moved things around until I had a nice progression, mixing the 3 sciences together. I like it that way much better.

I wasn't able to get much done on the Bible/History front. Still working on the timelines and waiting impatiently for my Bible curriculum to get here!

I went through the kids workbooks and dated the pages, and listed them in the book. They'll be needing new workbooks soon. We'll be moving to 6th grade math by the end of September. K will need grade 6 Vocab and J will need grade 4 vocab by mid-October, and K will need grade 6 Reading Comp by the end of October.

Today I'm working on finishing Science, go through the English workbooks, put together a reading list, and work on art lessons. I'd like to teach art appreciation while doing actual art projects. We'll see how that goes.

So, while I still have a lot on my "To Do" list, I am getting there...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

suffering from "brain freeze"

I know I should really work on school today. But I just cannot find the energy, or the excitement. I feel drained. I have so much to do. And I'm so glad I didn't wait until August break to do it! At least I'm ahead of the game, a little...

I'm going to try to at least read about school today. I have a couple of those "What your ___th grader should know" books. I've never really liked those, but I need some ideas and I'm hoping I'll find something there. I also picked up a book called "Homeschooling through the Year" or something close to that. I don't feel like digging it out to make sure it's right....laziness is setting in...

What I'd really like to do is pop in the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice and just veg for the day. Not difficult with this version - it's 5 hours long. But there's no way I'll get either the kids or the hubby to sit through it with me. So I'll have to wait.

I wish it wasn't so hot outside, or muggy. I might go for a bike ride. I haven't been on the trail in a very long time. I miss it. The vegetation around here is so beautiful.

Anyway. I'll probably read through some of the chapters on history - since that's where I'm stuck at the moment - and check out the government and sciences. And then I think I'll pick out another fluff book to read.

Friday, July 27, 2007

A disaster of "historical" proportions!

I love history. I really do. But I'm so fed up with it right now.

I spent another 3 hours today working on the lesson plans for history this year. And then I read a webpage about teaching history chronologically. Which makes total sense to me. So I'm chucking my previous plan and switching it around to work on a timeline.

I also decided that we'd have to study both World History and US History at the same time. So, double the work. yay.

Now I have to make lesson plan outlines for both. Mark websites and find resources for both. Make worksheets and tests for both. On the up side, the World History lessons are mostly done for me. I found a webpage that has it all. And there's another history site that does US history, though not the way I would do it, I can move things around.

I need to do some more research for resources. I'm going to have a hard time finding books, I think.

And I'm going to need a LOT of books this year. I'm introducing a literature study along with everything else we're doing. I know, I think I'm crazy. But I want to get the kids used to reading more. Plus, I'm hoping it'll spark more interest in them.

They'll also have to begin learning to research on their own. So I'll be introducing the "encyclopedia" and "google" to them as well. Though I'm pretty sure they already know what google is. And I'm just as sure when I ask them about the encyclopedia their response is going to be "huh?"

Well. I'm off to do some reading. And not just school books, either! Something just for fun.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today's research

I have such a ways to go. I'm making headway everyday but it seems like my list doesn't get any shorter! There is so much information out there I want the kids to know and read and take in. There is so little time to get it to them. My greatest hope is that I teach them to love to learn and they will continue the process long after they have graduated.

Today I worked on Economics and Government. I managed to plan out the whole year. I had to pick and choose what I wanted to get covered. Again too much info too little time.

I also layed out an outline for History. I love History, but I find it overwhelming when I'm trying to put together the lessons. The curriculum guidelines have them learning American History but no World History. If I try to add in World History they're school day will be 8 hours long! I've thought about teaching History in a chronological format, beginning with the ancient history, but I just don't know if I want to do that. It makes more sense to do it that way. At least, to me it does.

I think I'll wait until school starts and see just how the day plays out with the schedule I have planned. If I find I have extra time or we can move things around, then I'll probably start World History as well. It doesn't show up in the guidelines until middle school, but there's a lot they need to learn, so the earlier the better if you ask me!

Tomorrow I hope to finalize the History lessons. And I think I'll call it day after that and save the rest of my work for later. I'll probably go to the library and get some history books to peruse just to make me feel better about what I'm teaching this year. I wish I could go to the teacher store. But, I can't. I could shop Amazon and e-bay, but I prefer to see the book in my hands first when it comes to school books.

I do need to take a look around for AOP Bible Curriculum, however. I was told I could find it cheaper places other than the publisher, maybe even used on e-bay.

I should go do that before I forget!