Saturday, February 23, 2008


Thursday: We pretty much just stuck with the workbook theme. I really didn't want to do much else than work on my hair.

So we are getting no where. They just aren't interested in learning anything. Now what do I do?

That night we went to the Casting Crowns show. The kids stayed with the neighbor and her lovely dogs.

Friday: The kids went about their day and I did cleaning: dishes, laundry, and various other messes caused by 2 active children cooped up in a small space. I did take out some time to do some origami and relax. Later I took K to the church for a girls sleepover. J watched Naruto on the internet and I read a book until Stargate Atlantis came on. Then called it a night.

A quiet, relaxing end to the week - don't you think?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday with Dad

This morning we had the special "dad breakfast". Lots of eggs with lots of stuff in them, some OJ, and biscuts with jam.

Then the kids did their schoolwork while I worked on my project for the day. They think I don't check their work apparently because I discovered that J thinks every multiplication problem equals 500 and K can figure large sums in her head! So I had to make them do those worksheets again.

Then we grabbed a super quick bite to eat and rushed out the door to go to Downtown Disney. Well, the kids went there anyway. Dad and Mom went on a "date" to the movies! This doesn't happen all that often. We saw Jumper - a sci-fi film. It was okay.

We came home, chilled out and had a smorgasborg (sp?) of frozen chinese food for dinner. The kids ate whatever they felt like having and finished it off with some yogurt.

The best part of the day, well, night really, is the Lunar Eclipse! Since 8:43pm ET we've been watching the eclipse of the moon! This is a first for all of us. Dad had to go to bed, so he didn't see any of it. J just popped his head out every once in a while. And I popped out every 15 minutes or so to see what was happening. K spent almost the whole time with her eyes on the sky. Right now the moon is covered and will begin to start peeping back out again soon.

I'm hoping to be able to download some pics of the eclipse to save here and for the scrapbook. My camera just wasn't up to the challenge. (I need a super-lens.)

So it's been a good day.

Leu Gardens

Tuesday with Dad we went to Leu Gardens. We were expecting something a bit more formal, but we still had fun. We almost made it through the entire garden. There's still a bit left to discover. At one point in the path you come to a lookout point over the lake. Along the water's edge we found all kinds of turtles, a few birds, and a baby alligator sunning himself. That's always fun.

check out the size of those leaves!

I can't believe how intricate and delicate those petals look.

The bamboo is lots of fun, and incredibly smooth to the touch.

There is a section for arid plantings as well. Besides the cacti, there are some pretty cool flowers.

The Rose Garden

I love all the spanish moss growing everywhere. I always try to capture the beauty of it with my camera, but the pictures never satisfy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday with Dad

We got up. Mom and Dad went for a grueling bike ride into 15mph headwinds while the kids had a quick bite to eat and work in their workbooks. When we got back, Dad took J&K down to the field to practice sliding, catching, and running. When they got back they took a quick dip in the pool.

After everyone was cleaned up and ready to go we headed to bd's Mongolian for lunch and then off to the Orlando Science Center!

The Earthquake table was a big hit.

We also spent quite a bit of time at the domino tables.

That's a day! We're tired! And J still has batting practice tonight!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pretty easy week

We've pretty much just done our workbooks this week. With Chad's schedule all mixed up we didn't go all out trying to get everything done.

I've worked up the plan for next week, but I know I'll have to tweak it since Chad is home Sunday through Wednesday all day long. We'll throw in a few field trips and hopefully Chad will take over some of the school lessons, giving me some extra free time for sewing and crafting :D

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Finding that groove thang...

We're slowly finding our way back into school. I'm starting to get excited about putting together lesson plans again.

With family visiting for the kids' baptisms, we took it easy and just did our workbooks, bible study, and our story time. We are now up to Lamentations in memorizing the books and we have 4 memory verses learned. We're studying the Plagues in Exodus. And we finished reading The Door to Time and have started The Long Lost Map, books from a series by Ulysses Moore. The second book is an adventure in ancient Egypt, which ties in nicely with our study from Exodus and the study of Egypt we are beginning. I love it when a plan comes together. (now where have I heard that before?)

Next week I hope to add in some more lesson time and get going on our science experiments again. I want to blow something up! :D I need to remember to take pictures!

The kids have progressed quite well in math. We're working on Pre-Algebra stuff right now. We should finish our 6th grade math books in the next couple months and be ready to move into 7th by May.

Jeremy has joined a baseball team and so he will begin having practices 3 times a week through February and then games begin in March. PE class is pretty hit or miss at the park as many of the families that have signed up don't always show up. I'm going to be looking into soccer for Kylie, which should be starting up soon.

Seems we're getting busier and busier.