Monday, January 4, 2010

New bookkeeping

I'm trying out a new system for keeping track of assignments and logging notes and such. I think it may work much better, and it'll cut down on the amount of paper I need to keep. We'll see how it works over the course of the month.

Today J surprised me with his math. He was converting fractions to decimals in tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. He kept complaining that he didn't understand - that it didn't make any sense. I went over it several times, showing him on paper how it worked. When I checked in with him later I found that he'd done most of them in his head. At first I thought he wasn't doing them correctly, because he didn't show his work. But when I sat down with him to do some checking I found that he had them all correct! I was very impressed, to say the least. And sharing my amazement with him helped him to feel more confident in his work. He finished the assignment with no more complaints!

It was a good "first day" back from break. Even though we'd done some work last week, today was the official first day back. It took a bit of coaxing to get started. Even I didn't want to do any school work today. But we did it. Not everything on the schedule, but enough.

And tomorrow is a new day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I left off with week #3. The school year is almost half over now. A bit behind, eh?

Tomorrow we will begin again, fresh from Christmas break. Although, we did do some work this last week to get us warmed up :D

Right now, I need to be printing worksheets! See ya!