Monday, December 3, 2007

Crazy 2 weeks!

It's been two whole weeks since I've posted anything about school.

I've been super busy working on costumes for the church's very first Kids Christmas Choir production. Really, super busy. So busy in fact that I let the kids go and we didn't do any school work at all these last couple weeks! I know they were loving it, but I was feeling a bit guilty.

Now the christmas play is over and it's Monday morning and I don't feel like doing anything. Jeremy and I have been sick since last Thursday. He's feeling better today - back to his video games. But I barely have a voice and I'm suffering from a really nasty cough. I was able to sleep until 9am today. I was hoping for 10 but I'll take it. I can always get a nap in later.

I'll probably also work on school lessons for the rest of the week and start getting us back into the swing of things. Unfortunately, Christmas is coming all too soon and we'll be taking another break for travelling.

There's always something.

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jodyfoznot said...


A little searching...and I found you!

I heard about the accident on interstate 4 today, and I'm just checking in on you guys. I pray all is well.

Are you back in the post-Christmas school swing? The boys are a bit reluctant, but we're plodding through.

Since I just found your blog, I haven't read very many posts. I'm looking forward to doing that tomorrow (it is 12:58 a.m. and I keep yawning for some reason). I expect to be inspired!

Love and hugs,