Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The end is near...

The end of the school year, that is. :D

K&J finished their final tests in level 6 math on Tuesday. K breezed right through it but J seemed to struggle a bit. I walked him through a few problems to help refresh his memory, but it didn't seem to click. After the test he said he wants to do level 6 again in the fall for extra practice. As he says it, "I'm just not ready for 7th grade math, mom. I think I should work on this some more."

He looked so cute while he was expressing his thoughts on the subject of 6th vs. 7th grade math. When they start up again in September, we'll warm up with the basics and do some more review work from the end of the 6th grade book. Then we'll see where we need to go.

J also finished his grade 4 Vocab book and now only has English and Science to finish up this summer. K has English and Science to finish as well. K is a bit behind in Science so she'll need to double up on work to get caught up. Which doesn't seem to be a problem at all since she likes the SOS Science and usually works ahead anyway.

And that's that. As long as they keep working everyday we'll be ready for summer break by the first of August. That will give me time to collect next years workbooks and purchase the SOS discs I'll need for K, since she wants everything computerized, and a couple discs for J, since he really doesn't care either way.

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