Monday, September 29, 2008

Math success!

K learned about ratios and proportions this week. It was an exciting time for me to finally see a "light" flip on. She's getting it! She is doing so well with her math! Hurray for girls loving math! Next week we begin solving for unknown numbers! eek! :D

J is finally beginning to understand fractions a little better. We've been going over how fractions work and how they can be manipulated this week. Of all the worksheets I gave him this week he answered only a couple problems incorrectly! Way to go J!

So this week went well. We're settling into a daily routine. Each week I add a little bit more to the assignment lists. We're not up to full speed yet, but it won't be long.

We've been reading poetry every day for the last two weeks. I have found some of the most wonderful books! I was so inspired by one that I had to make a scrapbook layout!

We're just getting into our art and music now. In fact, I have to go to the library as soon as I'm done posting! We're studying classical music and it's composers. I'm hoping to have a keyboard in a couple weeks so the kids can begin learning an instrument. In art, we've been reviewing the color wheel, color mixing, and learning about color values. I haven't chosen an artist to study yet, I'm still thinking about where I want to start.

As far as our other subjects, we're moving right along. They are both moving quickly through their science. K is doing well with her english, but J is struggling just a bit. It doesn't bother me, because a lot of people still struggle with using "good" or "well" in a sentence correctly. :P

It's been a good week. Hopefully, this next week will run as smoothly as I add in some more lessons :D

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