Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Life after "Fall Break"

Originally it was only a week, just enough time off for our vacation to St. Louis and then on to Michigan for a bit. But when we got home we were all just too tired. The kids wanted to open the boxes they brought home and I just wanted to sleep. So Fall Break became a 2 week vacation, culminating in the celebration of Halloween and Daylight Savings Time ending. What a way to go out. Extra sugar and extra sleep!

Now I'm forcing myself to get back into the thick of things. I have lots of plan rattling around in my brainbox. But I fear I may need a can opener to get them out!

With more holiday coming right around the corner, we're also preparing for more travel. This makes me nervous about keeping us on task for school. Yesterday was our "first day of school" since break. (We don't do Mondays - Dad's day off) It was a rocky start, but then K, thankfully, jumped right in. J, bless him, dragged his feet as long as he could...isn't that what little boys do? He's just too cute to scold sometimes, with those big blue eyes and lopsided smile...

So, before the day gets away from me, I should sign off and get going. Today is National Doughnut Day, so I think for Home Ec we'll make some homemade doughnuts. :D That should make 'em smile. And give me more dishes to wash :(

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