Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back in the groove...

I've been working really hard to get us back on track with our schoolwork. I've planned out the rest of March on paper, and I hope we can stick to it!

The kids aren't exactly enthused, but once they've got a week of the new schedule under their belts they'll be okay.

We're studying the Middle Ages right now, and as you can imagine - if you know me at all - I am bursting with history and fun tidbits to pass on! We just finished up all the lessons in the Switched-on-Schoolhouse curriculum so now we'll do some research projects and read all kinds of books, learn lots of fun stuff about how life is different today and really dig in to the history of the period. We'll even go to a medieval faire or something - if I can find one in the area. Most of them are finished by February. But we can always travel to one further north too! :D

I'm ordering the new science curriculum this week. We're SO-O-O far behind! I'm sure we'll catch up fairly quickly though, since they enjoy science and love doing experiments. I even dug the microscope out of storage! We're going to have fun :D

I'm hoping we'll be renewing our memberships to the Orlando Science Center soon and I'd like to find some more museums to visit. It's difficult to find a good deal around tourist town! :/

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