Monday, September 21, 2009

New School Year!

With week one complete, week two is now underway. We've started a new schedule, a new rhythm, a new direction. We are not doing our SOS at the moment as we are waiting for the new curricula to arrive and I'm hoping a new computer? maybe? It certainly would make our school day progress with less frustration.

While we wait on those things, we are focusing on our Bible class. We've started a new Character Study, which I hope will help us all to become better people. And soon we'll be adding in a study of each book, and the names of God. As part of our bible study we are using the dictionary and practicing penmanship, as well as reading aloud. We are now using the Charlotte Mason method for learning our memory verses. It seems to be working quite well! I'm pleasantly surprised with how well the kids have adapted to using it.

Our spelling study is going well so far. The kids are having an easier time learning their words. Using the dictionary and writing sentences, using syllabication and decyphering the base words, and alphabetizing are all helping. At first, K&J were a little defiant against using the dictionary. No one likes the thing and they'd rather type the word into! But I believe dictionary skills are very important, even in this technological age, and so they are learning to use it.

Our literature study this year includes many readings from the Charlotte Mason reading lists as well as lots of poetry. We will be focusing on book reports as well. Right now K is reading "The Island of the Blue Dolphins" and J is reading "Treasure Island". And I am reading "Emma". :D

In art we are in the Renaissance period. Leonardo daVinci is our artist of the month. We've looked at some of his art, and played a mystery game on the internet. I wish we had access to a museum with some of his works. Seeing them in person would make such an impact, I think. It's just not the same in a book or on the net.

We are also learning Spanish and Sign Language this year. J really wants to learn Japanese. I'm not sure what I'll do for that. We used to have access to Rosetta Stone through the public library but they discontinued it. If we decide to learn japanese, I'll have to purchase something else.

We started signing today. K remembers the alphabet and a few other signs from last year. J doesn't remember it at all - except for "no". Probably because I use it a lot! J is a bit more receptive to learning sign this year, so we'll see how much he picks up. K is excited about it and plans to learn more languages than what I have planned. She's really interested in learning Portugese as well as French. The portugese is because of their friends from Brazil. She picks up words from them all the time.

The new school year is still fresh and I'm always looking things over. Always on the look out for something fun and interesting. Looking forward to what's to come!

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