Monday, October 15, 2007

What a Day!

It's been an adventure. What a day!

We kicked off the morning with a bike ride to the butterfly garden. A quick trip, really, but a little harder today since the wind was blowing pretty hard right into our faces.

While zipping down the path we discovered a really big turtle in a puddle near an over-flow drain. He was a little scared of us and disappeared rather quickly. Which led to a discussion of why animals are afraid of us, which then led to the topic of turtle soup. K&J were pretty disgusted by the notion of eating a turtle.

Off to the butterfly garden. I remembered to bring the camera this time. So we walked around and K wanted to take the pictures. Since K was taking pictures J had to take some too. We had a quick lesson on composing a picture. K is a quick study. I think she needs her own camera. While there we took a bunch of pictures of butterflies. I asked the kids if they'd like to do a study on butterflies. J came up with the idea to make a butterfly scrapbook. We're SO going to do that! I've been wanting to do something like that for all of our studies, so I'm psyched that he's even interested in something like that. We'll make little books using folders - which is what a lot of homeschoolers are doing - to make "lapbooks". How cool!

After a break we headed home and went swimming for about 20 minutes. Just long enough to cool down. After a bike ride the water is especially cold at first. But once you get used to it it's not too bad.

With swimming out of the way we got to work on school. K&J worked on their workbooks while I went over my lessons for the day, moving things around. It took them ALL day to work on those workbooks! ALL DAY!!!! It took forever to get to our readings for the day.

When DH got home from work we ran to the library so I could drop of a bunch of books and pick up a bunch more. I picked up books on butterflies and some more books on dinosaurs. I'm going to need to order some of the butterfly books from other branches as there were only 2 left on the shelves out of like 50! I think the PS must be doing projects on the butterflies at the moment as well.

After the library we headed out for dinner. SUSHI!!!

We went to Sushi Katana. K&J were super excited about trying some new things. J wanted spicy tuna, K wanted a crab roll. We also had an Osaka Rice Paper Roll and a Hamachi Roll as well as Tuna Tataki and a Nigri Sampler. The kids tried everything! J tried the paper roll and had to spit it out, but K liked it. The Hamachi Roll had roe on it (fish eggs) and K asked what it was. Chad explained that if she put some in her mouth and bit them open they were very sweet. So she tried it! I was never so surprised. How many 11 yo girls would put fish eggs in their mouth to see how sweet they are? J didn't try it though - he said he was full. It was a good meal.

Now we're home and DH and I are watching the next episode of StarGate SG-1 season 10 and the kids are listening to music until bedtime.

So it's been a really good day. The only thing that could make it better is some chocolate! But that's not going to happen. :( maybe tomorrow!

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