Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Great #8

This week SO did not go according to plan!

Monday started off with our regular bike ride and swim. Then we hopped into our book work. We're working on multiplying decimals and they're both forgetting to count the decimal places when they finish their answer. We started read A Wrinkle in Time and K is still reading Dragon Rider and J is reading It's All Greek to Me.

Tuesday we went for a ride and a swim even though the air was really cold. The water felt great though! We did workbooks and read from A Wrinkle in Time. And then I spent the remainder of the afternoon making an Emeril recipe (yes, in my RV!) to take to our small group meeting.

Wednesday is where things totally switched up on us! I was invited to join a home schooling group that was just getting started and Wed. was the first meeting. Turns out more than a few ladies at our church are homeschoolers! So instead of our normal morning we decided to join the group. I go out to the truck and start it up and wouldn't you just know it? No brakes! I drove it yesterday and it was just fine. Apparently I sprung a leak.... so I told the kids our only other option was to ride our bikes to the meeting, which, luckily enough for us was at a park on the bike trail we ride every day - just in the other direction. They agreed so we got our morning bike in anyway!

At the meeting we had "gym class" and played kick ball all morning - moms too! :D it was great! The kids were all running around and having fun and all the moms were trying to catch their breath! After the meeting we rode home and hopped in the pool to cool off, so we got our daily swim too. The only other "school work" we did was read from A Wrinkle in Time. And then it was time for the kids to go to choir practice.

Thursday and Friday were just workbook days. I just totally spaced and couldn't get myself motivated to put things together.

Thursday DH had the day off so we took the truck to get fixed (yes he drove it with no breaks - unbelievable!) and then did some shopping. His boss bought him a 50" TV as a bonus gift but we can't use that in the RV! So we took it back for store credit. While dealing with that the kids discovered a Wii actually on the shelves so we used some of the credit and let them get it. I have to say, I played a couple rounds of tennis and it's pretty fun - and I don't like video games much!

Friday we took it easy. No bike ride or anything. We pretty much took the day off. I only had them do their spelling. DH got home from work around lunch time so we went our for chinese and played at nothing all day.

Saturday we did our laundry and took my sewing machine and materials and stuff over to the lounge. So while waiting on the laundry I gave the kids a sewing lesson. (to sort of make up for lost school time!) We went over the pattern, separated the pieces we'd need and got them layed out on the fabric. I let DD cut some of the pieces, but DS wasn't really interested. He likes picking out the stuff but he's not interested in putting in all together. DD really wants to learn and has already picked out some patterns she wants to make. So that's exciting. One of my kids actually likes something I like! They're too much like their dad! :D

And that's our week. This upcoming week was supposed to be a week off, but since we've been taking it easy, I think we're just going to keep going. And I'm going to try to get motivated! I started putting stuff together for our butterfly books and our state study books, I just need to print some more. You'd think I'd have the energy for that at least!

I think I need to put Wheaties on the grocery list...

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