Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Early Vacation

It wasn't supposed to be now. But that's how it worked out.

Last week we were on our own as Dad had to fly to Michigan to be with family. At the last minute there was no way we could all go. So while he was gone all week we just chilled out and relaxed.

This week we're still in no-school mode. Dad's new work schedule doesn't make this easy.

K asked me tonight to give her some spelling words tomorrow. She wants some super hard, long words! I wonder why? :D

J has no interest in learning anything. He just wants to play video games and baseball.

So I think I'll get school going again at the end of the week when Dad goes to work. We'll start with some reading time and maybe some crafts. I really want to do a study of Egypt. We'll see what happens. No pressure. :D


jodyfoznot said...

We're having a bit of an unstructured week as well. I woke up Saturday morning to Gabriel sitting at the table doing his math workbook. He said, "I'm doing school without you asking!" I didn't have the heart to tell him it was Saturday. :o)

We have so much to do to get ready for Easter, not to mention trying to pack up the house and get it ready for any showings God may bring us. (I think I'll post a sign on the door: "Disclaimer: I have four children and I babysit two more. Keep your expectations low.")

We got a disturbing email from Norm Saturday regarding Carrie Little. Do you know how she and the baby are doing? Sarah Schonbock emailed Norm, and the church prayed for them yesterday, but I'm awfully concerned right now. I'm hoping you have more information...


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