Thursday, September 6, 2007

First "Official" Day of School

Did not go as well as I had hoped. No one, including me, was really ready for this.

I've been doing my homework for 5 weeks now, finding new books to read, working on lesson plans, putting together unit studies. I've been hoping that the kids would be excited to try some new things for school.

But today just didn't go so well. I had originally planned to roll us all out of bed at 7 and begin school by 8. A few days ago I read that again and told myself that was just plain crazy.

So we were up a little before 8 and began sometime after 9. Not too late a start. But things just started off on the wrong foot I guess. I'm going to rethink this morning thing.

I'm also going to change the order and do the workbooks at the END of the lessons. Doing them in the middle left Kylie hanging while I was trying to coax Jeremy into getting a move on and finishing up his Reading Comp. Like pulling taffy in the middle of winter.

We managed to finish our day a little after 3 with an hour break for lunch and rest time. And the only thing I skipped was spanish review. I think I'm going to hold off on Spanish and Sign Language for a couple weeks yet.

We did our fist art assignment. I wanted the kids to draw self portraits. They did them in like 5 minutes. When we do this again at the end of the year, I'm hoping the years' lessons will have matured their thinking a bit, and they'll take their time to produce something more lifelike. This is my hope.

As we were dong some of the worksheets my mind was thinking about how we'd be putting all these things together in our notebooks. The little folders I have now are not going to work in a couple weeks. But that gives me a little time to figure out exactly what I need. I hate buying supplies and then not using them. So we'll probably use those little folders for something, I just don't know what yet.

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This is the first lesson in our Bible/History course. The days of Creation. As they said, "We've heard this so many times!" We won't spend too much time talking about it before moving on. But we'll be adding it to the timeline next week when we get it set up somewhere.

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Here they are, working in their workbooks.

Even though the day didn't go according to plan, I did see where I can improve things a little. Jeremy hopes tomorrow won't be quite as boring. I hope so too. I'm trying. But I can only throw out so much of the plan at a time!

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