Sunday, September 2, 2007

School starts in 2 days!

I'm so excited for school to start!

The kids aren't, obviously. They have no interest in school. Which is quite unfortunate. I really wish they enjoyed learning. But I guess all those TV shows about kids not liking school have rotted their brains.

I'll just have to fix that.

We're trying something new this year. Really new. I'm loosening up the schedule a bit, in the hopes that the kids will take more interest in choosing topics. I'm also going to have them start notebooking some of our topics and doing more crafts. AND, we're going to start a nature journal! I can't wait for the Florida heat to turn off so we can get out to some of these amazing parks and start sketching!

Hopefully, the kids will develop a love of learning. And I hope they learn lots of amazing and fun things this year! And I'll be learning right along side them.

Oh! We're also going to learn to play the recorder together! I'm picturing family nights where we all play and dad adds in his drum. I'm sure it'll take quite a bit of practice to get to that, but I think it'll be a blast!

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