Friday, September 28, 2007

Week 4 winding down....slowly...

This has been one kind of a week.

The schedule got all twisted up, I don't know how many times I erased my scheduled plans and rewrote things, only to erase again. And then I gave up erasing and just started scratching things out, circling and x-ing and marking arrows. My schedule book for Th/Fr looks like one of John Madden's replay screens during a particularly messed up special play in the 4th quarter of the playoffs leading up to the superbowl. whew! grrr... just one of those weeks.

We did accomplish a few things.

We finished our poetry unit, but didn't write any poetry this time. I decided to keep that assignment for the next poetry unit. I will keep reading poetry to them daily, however, so they don't lose the feel for it.

We started our 6th grade Math books. Decimals! yay! At first, they just weren't getting it. But the moment it finally clicked they went to town and finished their assignments lickety-split. Now the homework in fractions?.....that didn't go so well. And DD is refusing to do her long division. I know it's hateful and that's what calculators are for, but it's still a skill that needs to be learned.

We did some more work on similes and metaphors. They're getting the hang of it now. Similes are much easier for them to come up with and understand. I think that's natural to the way most people speak. Metaphors are more difficult to come up with. Synonyms and Antonyms are in the bag.

K is still reading Dragon Rider. J finished Ninjas Don't Bake Pumpkin Pies. I picked up Tut! Tut! for him because he asked for some more Time Warp Trio books, but he informed me that he'd already read that one, so back to the library we go. I never did finish The Pirate Queen. I tried to renew it but someone is waiting for it so I have to give it up. So now I'm reading Blackwork, by Mary Gostelow. As soon as the new JoAnn's opens I'll go get some black floss so I can start learning how to do some of the blackwork stitches. That'll be fun.

Over the weekend I'll be re-evaluating the schedule, once again. Wish me luck. :P

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