Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday with Dad

We got up. Mom and Dad went for a grueling bike ride into 15mph headwinds while the kids had a quick bite to eat and work in their workbooks. When we got back, Dad took J&K down to the field to practice sliding, catching, and running. When they got back they took a quick dip in the pool.

After everyone was cleaned up and ready to go we headed to bd's Mongolian for lunch and then off to the Orlando Science Center!

The Earthquake table was a big hit.

We also spent quite a bit of time at the domino tables.

That's a day! We're tired! And J still has batting practice tonight!

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jodyfoznot said...

Sounds like a fun family day! (I love bd's! Last year, the ladies Bible study went to the one in Kzoo...yum!) The kids and we have been also to the Orlando Science Center, but our kids were little: C--5 yrs, G--3 yrs, S-4 mnths. They also loved the earthquake table!